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These Might Be the BEST Wooden Crochet Hooks I Have Ever Used! – Handmade, Ergonomic Crochet Hook Review

These gorgeous handmade crochet hooks are ergonomic, comfortable, beautiful, and reasonably priced!


*These lovely hooks were sent to me by the Etsy shop ArtOfSiberia to review.  All opinions stated are my own.

Igor from ArtOfSiberia graciously sent me two of his handmade crochet hooks to try, and I love them!  While I realize many of you may be reading this article in search of a cheaper alternative to the expensive Furls Alpha hooks, and I do not have an Alpha hook to compare these to, I think these are an incredible option if an $89 Furls Alpha hook is not within your budget.  🙂

Smooth, Glossy Finish

I received a 5.5 mm hook in Siberian Cedar, and a 4 mm hook in Siberian Cherry wood.  The Cedar hook is a rich, dark brown, while the Cherry hook is a light honey color.  They are both very lightweight.  Their smooth, glossy finish allows the yarn to glide across the surface without slipping off of your hook.  I think this provides the perfect amount of friction for a comfortable, moderate crochet speed.  If I were trying to finish a project ASAP and needed to crochet at top speed, I would probably reach for my ultra-slick, nickel-plated Furls Odyssey.  But for most projects, I think the amount of friction on these handmade wooden hooks is just right.  

Ergonomic Handle

The handles of these hooks have a beautiful, ergonomic, teardrop shape, much like the Furls Alpha hooks.  The thickest part of the handle is quite thick (just over 3/4″).  I love how the lower portion of the handle tapers in.  It’s the perfect spot for my little finger to rest.  I find that this helps me find just the right spot to hold the hook.  The little bubble-shaped details at the end of the handle make the hook feel even more luxurious.  I should also mention that these hooks are not marked with their sizes anywhere on the handles, but then again, the Furls Alpha web page does not mention the Alpha hooks as having size markings, either.


Inline-Style Hook

The thick, ergonomic handle tapers down to an inline-style hook shape, which is similar to a Susan Bates type of hook.  Many people are used to a tapered-style hook like a Boye, and I understand that, as I learned to crochet on a Boye hook and continued to use other hooks that were also of a slightly more tapered style.  However, I quite like these inline hooks, even though they are a little different than what I am used to.  


Shaft Length

The main difference I have noticed between these two handmade hooks is the shaft length.  The shaft is the narrower section between the hook and where the handle begins to taper out.  The lighter-colored cherry hook has a shorter shaft than the darker cedar hook.  I would suggest comparing the shaft length of these hooks to a hook you already have and enjoy using.  ArtOfSiberia offers many different shapes and styles of hooks, and you’ll be able to tell from the photos which ones have a longer shaft and which ones have a shorter shaft.  I find that I prefer the longer shaft of the cedar hook, but if you are a Susan Bates hook user, you may prefer the shorter shaft, which is more similar to the Susan Bates shaft length.  Although both of these have a shorter shaft than the Furls Odyssey, I find all of the shaft lengths to be pretty comfortable for me.


Thanks so much to Igor at ArtOfSiberia for sending me these hooks to review!  I have loved using these hooks so far, and I look forward to using them in future projects.  These hooks are a great option if you’re looking for an affordable, yet beautiful ergonomic crochet hook.

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What is your favorite type of crochet hook?

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