Furls Streamline & Odyssey Crochet Hooks: Review & Comparison

by | Jul 7, 2018

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These are the #1 most comfortable crochet hooks I have ever used!  See why I prefer them over other popular styles of crochet hooks.

I used to use Boye aluminum crochet hooks, but my hands would quickly start cramping and aching after short crochet sessions.  I then tried Susan Bates hooks, and that didn’t help much.  So I switched to Clover Amour crochet hooks, and they were far more comfortable than anything I had tried before.  I had no intention of switching to another type of hook, until I stumbled across a photo of  a Furls Odssey crochet hook.  I was intrigued by its shape and design, and upon reading the reviews and available information, decided to give Furls hooks a try.  I purchased a size H (5.0 mm) Furls Streamline in Camwood, and a size I (5.5 mm) Furls Odyssey in Purple.  These are my new favorite hooks, and I love them so much I want to share my favorite things about them with you.

For comparison, here are all the styles of crochet hooks I have.  From left to right: Boye, Susan Bates, Clover Amour, Furls Streamline, and Furls Odyssey.  You will notice that the Furls hooks have a large, teardrop-shaped handle.  This fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, so your hand is not tightly closed to hold onto the hook.  I find that this reduces hand strain, as the muscles are more relaxed while crocheting.  However, because the handles are so thick, they will not fit in most crochet hook cases.  You will also notice that the Furls hooks are longer than any of the other styles.  The Odyssey is the perfect length for me, but the Streamline is even longer and took a little adjusting to get used to that extra distance between the hook tip and my hand.  Furls hooks are covered by a “hand-health” warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is something I have never seen on a crochet hook.

While Boye, Susan Bates, and Clover Amour Crochet hooks are aluminum, the Furls Streamline is made from wood (mine is Camwood), with a coating on the outside that allows the yarn to glide smoothly.  I’m not sure what the handle of the Odyssey is made from, but it holds the warmth of your hand and has a beautiful sparkle to it.  The hook end is nickel-plated pewter, which glides through stitches faster and better than any material I have tried.

The Furls Odyssey handle is also forward-weighted (meaning there is a weight inside the front of the handle) for better momentum, while the Streamline is lightweight and balanced.  I really like the weight in the Odyssey handle, as it not only encourages good momentum, but makes the hook feel solid and substantial.

Boye and Susan Bates hooks have their sizes embossed on their flat grips, and Clover Amour has its size embossed on the rubber handle.  The Furls Streamline has the size engraved with a lovely design on the side of the handle.  I like how the letter size is in a large print, and the engraving is also a different color, making it easy to read.  The Furls Odyssey size is only marked with the letter size on the end of the handle.  This could be a problem for people who generally go by the millimeter size, as the millimeters are not marked on the hook.  It does not bother me though, as I am used to going by the US letter size.

There are two basic styles of crochet hooks, tapered and inline.  The Boye hook is the tapered style, with a narrow hook and very tapered shaft.  Susan Bates is the inline style, consistently the same width all the way up to the rounded top, with a “notched” type hook.  Clover Amour is a combination of those two styles, and so are the Furls, but they are all different.  Here is a front view of all of these hooks side-by-side.

Neither of the Furls hooks are as narrowly tapered as the Boye, but they do taper slightly.  The Streamline has a long, subtle “notch” like the inline, with a bit more pointed tip.  The Odyssey has a more obvious “notched” section, but is more rounded at the tip and around the edge of the hook.

From the side, you can see the hook shape more clearly.  Notice how the Streamline has a sharper hook edge, much like the inline Susan Bates hook.

From the back, the Odyssey appears slightly more tapered than the Streamline, but neither are as tapered as the Boye.

Overall, I like my Furls hooks better than all of my other hooks, but the Odyssey is my favorite.  As I only have 2 Furls hooks, I will continue to use my Clover Amour hooks until I can get the Furls hooks in more sizes, but I will definitely use my Furls hooks whenever I need an H or I hook.

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What is your favorite style of crochet hook?

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  1. Gabriela Aguayo-Godoy

    Thank you so much for explain the differences between crochet hooks so clearly! It made my day and purchase decisions.

  2. Carol Rose

    Furls has been my favorite for several years now.

  3. Grace

    This is a great review!
    I’m a Boye crochet hook user and have transitioned to the Clover soft touch and amour. Then I started to hear buzz about the furls.
    I was waffling with between the furls streamline swirls and furls odyssey, but I’m glad i read your review first before buying these hooks. I’m definitely going to invest in the furls odyssey. Hopefully there will be some coupons online I can use soon.
    Cheers from Canada

  4. Frances Feek

    Had to go look at the web site now I’ve got 3 streamlines orderd.
    Had wanted a furl for ages and didn’t realise they had a cheaper version ☺

    Look forward to getting mine
    Loving your you tube clips

    • Yay for Yarn

      Thank you Frances! I am so glad my review was helpful to you! I hope you love your new hooks!


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