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Learn to SEAMLESSLY GRAFT CROCHET – Join Foundation & Top Edges + Fix Mistakes Without Unraveling


This is a technique I invented years ago, and haven’t shared until creating this video. Seamlessly Grafting Crochet is a method of invisibly joining the foundation edge of the work to the top edge, in any stitch pattern that doesn’t involve working in the back or front loops only. The technique is also great for when you have a mistake you would like to fix, but you’ve already crocheted pretty far past the mistake. Instead of unraveling the entire project, you can just clip the yarn at both ends of the section you want to remove, leaving a 6 inch tail on both remaining sections. You can then work a new section to fill in that area, seamlessly grafting it in.

I used this technique in my Boundless Cowl.  Click Here for the FREE Boundless Cowl Crochet Pattern with Video Tutorial!


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What type of project would you use this technique for?

Happy Yarning! 🙂


  • Megan


    I just came across one of your wonderful youtube videos.
    I knit but have never crocheted but I am very much wanting to learn how to crochet two pieces of knit fabric together.
    Have you made a video tutorial about this?
    And if not, do have any tips or links you might point me to?

    Thank you!


    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi Megan! I do have a video that shows one way of crocheting pieces of knit fabric together. This scarf is made on a knitting machine, then the ends are closed up by crocheting the live loops of the knitting together. If your pieces are already bound off, you can use the same method by inserting the hook into those same live loops. As for joining the side edges, you can do that with crochet as well. Just make sure you insert the hook into the end of one knitted row from each piece, then finish your crochet stitch. If you are not familiar with crochet, I would recommend watching a few beginner crochet videos before you try this, so you can get a feel for how the stitches are made. Just search youtube for “how to crochet for beginners”. I hope this helps!

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