What Has Happened to Red Heart Super Saver Yarn?

by | Aug 18, 2018

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Something has changed about Red Heart Super Saver Yarn recently…

It is now VERY different.

This was not a yarn I used to use very often.  I just didn’t like the texture.  It was so scratchy, I would get rug-burn on my hands as the yarn slid through my fingers.  It would soften to a point after machine-washing or steam blocking, but it still wasn’t as soft as some other similarly priced acrylics are right out of the skein.  The different colors were all “#4 Worsted Weight”, but some colors were significantly thicker or thinner than others.  I used it when I didn’t have any other option, but I didn’t really love it.

All that has changed.  Red Heart Super Saver has been re-done, and is now MUCH better quality in my opinion.  It is still made in the USA, #4 worsted weight, with the same yardage.  But it feels so much better now!  It is actually soft, way softer than it was before.  The thickness between colors is much more consistent, and although some colors I have are a little softer than others, they are all better than they used to be.  This is now a yarn I enjoy using, and is still among the cheapest options for worsted weight acrylics.

I am so glad this yarn has been improved, and I love how inexpensive and easy-to-find it is.  I’ll definitely be using this yarn more often now!

Have you tried the new Red Heart Super Saver yarn?  What did you think?

Happy Yarning! 🙂

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  1. Amy

    RHSS feels softer now but it’s significantly more thin. Same thing happened to Caron One Pound. I make hats with the same hook, pattern, yarn, and had customized the pattern to fit most heads perfectly. Caron One Pound was my fav but RHSS was a good alternate. Now? Both are so much thinner I had to increase my stitch count at biggest from 65 to 70 AND with the RHSS I just bought at the store, I will have to completely update the pattern to add more rows for the height to match, OR use THREE skeins instead of two! Very unhappy, I’ve used something like 140 skeins in the past 2 years of this brand but now I have to look for something else.

  2. Susan Wallace

    In the last year I’ve had more and more problems with Red Heart yarn: fuzzy, snagged areas every few rows, broken tied up spots, and more. I wrote Yarnspirations and was given a list of things they needed: receipt, picture of label, picture of problem, and more. They wouldn’t listen to any of my complaints just saying they couldn’t do anything withiout all the information they asked for. I am so upset with this new yarn, and once what I have it gone, I’ll switch to another brand!

    • LAKrueger

      I’ve been very disappointed with Red Heart Super Saver. Recently I made myself a cocoon sweater only to have it pill and fuzz so badly that it looks like something I’ve had for a very long time, not something that I’ve just made. It looks so ratty I would never wear it out of the house. Red Heart is all I used for years and I don’t remember it ever being like this at all. I don’t have too much of it left and, like you, when it’s gone I won’t be buying it again.

  3. Tess

    I just made a rainbow project with the yarn I thought was all super saver, but it turns out the ones I bought that were jumbo were thicker. So frustrating for bigger multi-color projects!

  4. Charlotte Kidwell

    I’m thrilled to hear that Red Heart Super Saver Yarn has improved. I used to used this yarn back when I was teaching myself to crochet quite a few years ago! I didn’t really like it that much but didn’t want to pay a lot for yarn while I was still learning to crochet. I haven’t used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in a long time now since there’s so many other yarns to choose from. I can’t wait to pick up a skein of Super Saver Yarn to try out the improved yarn! Thanks so much for your review!

    • Yay for Yarn

      You’re welcome, Charlotte! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Rie

    Totally agree! I really enjoy the new yarn!

  6. Lindy Peters

    I for really ike the New Super soft yarn..


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