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Ultimate Yarn Crafter’s Gift Guide – 13 Beautiful Handmade Stitch Markers for Knitters & Crocheters

There are so many incredible products out there that would make amazing gifts for knitters & crocheters!  Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for 2018!

Disclaimer:  The links in this post are affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through one of those links, I may receive a small commission, but it won’t cost you any extra.

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Handmade Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers aren’t just for keeping track of your stitches!  These super-cute markers are sure to make your crafting even more fun.  The ring-shaped markers are ideal for slipping onto a knitting needle, while the lobster clasp and lever back clasp markers are perfect for clipping onto knitted or crocheted stitches.  All of these items are beautifully handcrafted, and each purchase will help support a small business.  I hope you find something you love!



I love these little stitch markers that look like yarn balls!  The ring-shaped marker is perfect for slipping onto a knitting needle.  (from KnitStitchMarkers on Etsy)


 These “knitted” markers are equally as cute! (also made by KnitStitchMarkers on Etsy)


These stitch markers are made to look like crocheted granny squares! (Made by thecolorofdreams on Etsy)

For dog lovers, this crafter makes stitch markers that look like cute little doggies!  These are beagles, but the shop also makes the stitch markers to look like several other dog breeds.  (Made by LittleShopOfClays on Etsy)

Also by LittleShopOfClays are these adorable, pastel-colored sheep stitch markers.


Believe it or not, these floral stitch markers are NOT painted!  They are covered in extremely intricate polymer clay designs.  I can’t believe how detailed they are for their size!  (Made by PolymerClayCreations on Etsy)


And of course, there are TONS of adorable stitch markers that look like FOOD!  Let’s start with dessert first. 😀

First of all, here are two incredibly realistic cake stitch markers.  This one looks just like a slice of birthday cake!  (Made by SweetsOfMyOwn on Etsy)


If this pink-frosted cupcake didn’t have a stitch marker clasp attached to it, I would’ve thought it was real!  (Also by SweetsOfMyOwn on Etsy)


This peanut butter thumbprint cookie stitch marker is also super-realistic!  (Made by PitterPatterPolymer on Etsy)


Here are some super cute seasonal desserts.  This stitch marker looks just like a miniature slice of pecan pie.  Yum!  (Made by SimplyServing on Etsy)


For snowy days, here’s a stitch marker with a snowman mug of hot cocoa with tiny, heart-shaped marshmallows.  (Also made by SimplyServing on Etsy)


Last, but certainly not least, the fruits and veggies.  These blackberry stitch markers look so juicy!  (Made by CustomCharmFarm on Etsy)

These garden-fresh veggie stitch markers are pretty cute, too!  I think these would be perfect for someone who loves knitting and gardening.  (Made by beadpassion on Etsy)


I hope you’ve enjoyed these lovely, handmade items!  Happy shopping!



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