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Ultimate Yarn Crafter’s Gift Guide – 10 Useful & Beautiful Knitting Needles and Tools – Winter 2018

There are so many incredible products out there that would make amazing gifts for knitters & crocheters!  Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for 2018!

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Knitting Needles

Of course, a knitter’s most useful tools are knitting needles.  Here are a few of my favorites!


This bamboo double pointed knitting needle set is a bargain!  I have some of these, and they are pretty decent quality, especially for the price.  This set includes 15 sizes, with 5 needles per size.  Double pointed needles are ideal for working in the round on a small circumference.


This set of bamboo straight needles is also a great deal!  I have some of these as well, and they are quite nice.  This set includes 18 pair of needles, in 18 sizes, for what one pair of bamboo needles can cost at a craft store!  I think this is a great set for beginners, as you get many sizes in one set, and they are more comfortable to work with than aluminum needles.


Now onto my FAVORITE KNITTING NEEDLES EVER!!!  These are the Knit Picks Caspian Straight Needles, made from laminated birch.  I have been using these for years, and I love them.  See my review of these needles here.


Here is the Interchangeable Circular version of the Knit Picks needles.  These are the Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles, and they come in several different colorways.  Also made from colorful layers of laminated birch, the needles can be attached to interchangeable cables of different lengths to create a circular needle that is just right for your project.  The second photo shows the Short Majestic Foursquare interchangeable set, which uses shorter cables and needle tips to make short interchangeable needles that are ideal for smaller projects.  While these photos show a set, they are also available as individual needles.  I use the interchangeable circular needles even more than my Caspian straight needlesSee my review of the Short Majestic Foursquare needles here.


If you aren’t sure if the Knit Picks needles are right for you, try the TRY IT set!  This set includes a pair of interchangeable needle tips in the Foursquare Majestic colorway, a pair of nickel plated interchangeable needle tips, 2 different length interchangeable cables, plus the end caps and a tightening key.  See my review of a similar TRY IT set here.




Knitting Tools

Let’s move on to a few handy knitting tools.  First up is the Knit Picks Mini Tool Set.  These small, wooden, laser-etched accessories are perfect for projects on the go!  Includes tools for checking needle sizes, gauge, and wraps per inch, plus tools etched with instructions for Kitchener Stitch, Make 1 Left & Right, and Wrap & Turn.


I think this Stitch Marker Necklace is a great idea!  The stitch markers clip right on to the necklace so you will always be able to find them.


I have this cute little measuring tape in red, and I love the little sheep on the front!


I also love the Embellish-Knit Machine.  This little purple machine creates I-Cord way faster than by hand, just by cranking the handle!  See my review of this item here.


I hope you found a useful tool to make your knitting even more fun!  Happy Yarning! 🙂



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