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Full Video Tutorial for How to Sew a Zipper into a Crocheted Bag

How to Sew a Zipper into Your Crochet Bag (the easy way!)

Sewing a zipper into your crochet bag is not as hard as you may think!  This tutorial will show you how to add a zipper with a hand sewing needle, no sewing machine required.


If installing a zipper sounds daunting to you, don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it may seem.  You don’t need a sewing machine or any sewing experience.  All you need is a hand sewing needle and thread that matches your crochet.  If you have the needle-and-thread skills to sew on a button, you can sew in a zipper.


With this method, you don’t have to line your crochet bag, either.  I installed this zipper in my Vintage Camera Purse (free crochet pattern here), which I did not line.  The crochet fabric is dense and tight enough that whatever you carry in the bag is not likely to slip out between the stitches.  So unless your bag needs a lining, you don’t need to add one.

Learn how to Crochet this adorable Camera Purse!


Another important thing to consider is how close the zipper teeth are to the crochet.  If the crochet is sewn too close to the zipper teeth, the fabric may get caught in the zipper.   The trick is to sew the zipper on in a place that is not too close to the crochet, but still has a bit of the crochet extending up, so the zipper remains hidden.


Ready to add your zipper?  Watch the video tutorial below to learn how!


Your zipper coil (the part with the teeth) should be slightly longer than the opening in your bag.  I used an 8″ nylon coil zipper, and my bag opening was about 7 1/4″ on the inside.

I love how much more functional a zipper is than a button or other closure.  It’s easy to open and close, yet keeps your belongings securely inside the bag.  I hope you’ll give this a try, and add a zipper to your next crocheted bag!


Have you ever sewn in a zipper?

Happy Yarning!




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