September / October 2019 KnitCrates – Unboxing & Review + Exclusive Coupon Code

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Check out the beautiful yarns I got in my KnitCrates for September and October!  Plus, don’t miss this exclusive coupon code, just for my readers. 


My September KnitCrate arrived a bit late, so I decided to unbox my September and October KnitCrates at the same time.  These yarns are so squishy!

KnitCrate is a monthly yarn subscription service, delivering high-quality, hand-dyed yarn to your doorstep.  They offer several different crates, with different types of yarn and projects. The crate shown in the video above is the KnitCrate Membership, which includes 2 skeins of premium yarn in the featured colorway, and 2 exclusive patterns (1 knitting pattern, 1 crochet pattern). All KnitCrates ship worldwide with free shipping and handling. Members also receive reward points and discounts towards future purchases.

Use Coupon Code “YAYFORYARN20” for 20% off your first KnitCrate.

yarn subscription hand dyed yarn - blue and green yarn skeins


So let’s look at some pretty yarn!

Each crate has a theme, and the theme for the September crate is “Prism”.  All yarns for this crate feature colorways inspired by crystals and kaleidoscopes.  I got this lovely bright blue, called “Enlightened”, but there was also a soft grey and a bright purple.

KnitCrate box for September 2019 - Blue hand-dyed wool and silk yarn in box


The yarn is URU Yarn’s Silk DK, a DK-Weight blend of Merino Wool and Silk.  It has a smooth, super-soft, woolly feel, with a little bit of sheen from the silk.  I haven’t knit or crocheted with it yet, but I can tell this yarn will have nice stitch definition. With two 100 gram skeins, there’s enough yarn here to make a decent-sized project.

two skeins of merino wool and silk yarn, hand dyed in bright blue


All KnitCrate subscriptions include an extra, or a small bonus item.  In this crate, I got a rainbow KnitCrate Logo pin.  The main part of the pin is a shiny rainbow metal, with a little gold-tone in the yarn ball on the pin.  I think this pin is so cute!  small knitcrate logo pin with rainbow metal


The crate also included a pattern booklet, with several patterns that can be made from the yarn in the crate.  This booklet includes a knitting pattern and a crochet pattern, as well as a sock knitting pattern and sock crochet pattern for the sock crate.  There are also several patterns not given in the book that you can download inside your KnitCrate account.

affordable luxury yarn subscription with hand dyed yarn, pin, and pattern book


Now, let’s look at the October crate!

The theme for this crate is “Journey to Peru”.  I love that they designed this crate with colors inspired by Peru, because many of our favorite yarns are made in Peru.  This one is a mossy green, called “Ancient Ruin”, but there is also a vibrant purple color and a grayish-white limestone color.  (I actually ended up getting a second crate with the “Broken Stones” colorway, and that one is really pretty, too!)

Coupon Code for luxury yarn subscription - green hand dyed chainette yarn in box with stitch marker and pattern booklet


This yarn is super fluffy.  It’s called Vidalana Ascendance, made from pure Peruvian Highland Wool.  This is classified as a sport weight yarn, but it is so airy and fluffy that you can use it at different gauges, up to worsted weight!  I honestly don’t know how this yarn is so fluffy, but even though the skeins are only 100 grams like the September yarn, these skeins look way bigger.  The texture is squishy and soft, and fun to squeeze.

super fluffy sport weight chainette yarn - mossy green - hand dyed yarn subscription


The extra for this crate is very cute, and matches the theme perfectly.  It’s a stitch marker with a large, pretty bead, which is hand-painted in Peru.  It has a little geometric design on it, which reminds me of South American textiles.  This stitch marker is on a large clasp, big enough to slip onto a knitting needle, but it can also open and close to clip onto crochet projects.

handmade peruvian stitch marker with hand painted bead


This crate also included a pattern booklet, with knit and crochet patterns and knit and crochet sock patterns for the yarns of this month’s crate.  And of course, there are also bonus patterns that you can download in your KnitCrate account.


I’ve been getting the KnitCrate Membership for 18 months now, and I have loved every yarn I have received.  It encourages me to try new types of yarn and new colorways.  Plus, you can now choose which colorway you’re going to get ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about getting a color you don’t like.   If you love yarn, I think you’ll love a KnitCrate subscription!

twisted skeins of luxury hand dyed yarn

I am very pleased with the yarns and extras I got in these crates, and I can’t wait to use them.  Be sure to stay tuned to my blog to see what I make!


Thanks so much to KnitCrate for sending me this crate to review! 

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Happy Yarning! with sparkle background


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Check out the beautiful yarns I got in my KnitCrates for September and October!  Plus, don't miss this exclusive coupon code, just for my readers.  #knitcrate #luxuryyarn #knittingyarn #crochetyarn #handdyedyarn #yarncoupon #yarnsubscription

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