Foundation Stitches Cheat Sheet

Work the Foundation Chain and the First Row of Crochet at the Same Time!


This technique allows you to work the foundation chain and the first row of crochet at the same time!

If you dislike working into a foundation chain, or if you want the foundation edge to be stretchier, this tutorial is for you.

The foundation crochet stitches can make the equivalent of a foundation chain and the first row of crochet at the same time. This can be especially helpful when you need the foundation edge to be stretchy, or when you want to work into the opposite side of the foundation edge. Foundation stitches create a foundation edge that looks like the top of a regular row of stitches, so it is easy to work into the other side of the foundation edge later. A foundation stitch edge also has the same amount of stretch as the rest of the fabric. It does not limit the stretch of the edge like a normal foundation chain.

This FREE printable cheat sheet will show you how to work the Foundation Stitches, and how to use them to replace a foundation chain in a project.

Use the Foundation Stitches to give your next project an extra-stretchy edge!


Foundation Stitches Cheat Sheet

Download your Printable Cheat Sheet

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