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Why THIS is One of My New Favorite Yarns – Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca Review

I tried Lion Brand’s Touch of Alpaca yarn for the first time, and it’s one of my new favorites!  I can’t believe how just a little alpaca can make an acrylic yarn so much more luxurious.


I saw this yarn on sale online a while back.  I had never tried it before, so I decided to order just one skein…


As soon as I opened my package and saw it in person, I knew I had made a mistake!  I totally should’ve bought more!


This yarn feels amazing, and has that high-quality, luxury look that is hard to find in a machine washable yarn.  True to its name, it only has a touch of alpaca blended with mostly acrylic, but that little bit of alpaca makes a huge difference in the look and feel of this yarn.

Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca Yarn Review - Yay For Yarn

Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca is classified as #4 Worsted Weight, and is sold in 100 gram and 200 gram skeins, with 207 yards / 190 meters per 100 grams.  It contains 90% acrylic and 10 % alpaca, and is MACHINE WASHABLE!!!  I love when luxury-style yarns are easy care. 😍  I think this yarn is a great blend for anyone (like me 🙋🏽‍♀️) whose sensitive skin is irritated by sheep’s wool.  Unless the fibers are very fine, some sheep’s wool can feel prickly against sensitive skin.  The alpaca fibers in this yarn are so fine and soft that it doesn’t feel prickly to me at all.

Soft, Squishy Alpaca yarn for sensitive skin

This yarn has a consistent, evenly spun smoothness to it, and the alpaca 🦙 gives it such a luxurious texture.  There’s just a slight fuzziness on the surface of each strand, and the alpaca’s soft sheen really comes through.  The stitch definition in this yarn is great, and I love how the sheen accentuates the drape of whatever you’re making with it.  Even though it is 90% acrylic, it looks and feels much more expensive than your typical pure acrylic yarn.

I got the “Goldenrod” colorway, a lovely, golden, honey-colored hue.  It’s a brighter shade, yet still neutral enough to go with many other colors.  Lion Brand offers this yarn in 16 different colorways, ranging from muted grays and browns to brighter jewel tones like jade green and crimson.

I love how soft and silky it feels, even though it is mostly acrylic.

The price point is pretty good, too.  Each 100 gram skein retails for $6.49 USD, or $9.99 USD for the 200 gram skein.  I think this is fairly reasonable, though it’s a bit more expensive compared to most decent-quality, pure acrylic yarns.  The alpaca in this yarn makes quite a difference, so I can see why it costs more than pure acrylic.  However, I will probably only buy it when it is on sale anyway, as I tend to be a very frugal yarn shopper. 😁


The only issue I had when using this yarn was with splitting.  It didn’t happen often, but with my super-sharp KnitPicks knitting needles, the yarn did split occasionally.  I wouldn’t call it a dealbreaker, though, as I love this yarn too much to let a little splitty-ness stop me from using it.

It's hard to believe how such a small amount of alpaca fiber can make such a huge difference in an acrylic yarn!


Will I buy this yarn again?  Yes! 

I love the softness, the sheen, and the expensive look, despite the not-so-expensive price tag.  It’s the perfect yarn for garments, accessories, afghans, or any project where you want that soft, luxury look in an easy care yarn.  Since I only had one skein, I designed a lace knit cowl with it (free pattern here).  It drapes nicely, and feels super-soft against the neck.  Next time I buy more of this yarn, I want to make a hat or a sweater!

Afternoon Stroll Cowl - Free Knitting Pattern by Yay For Yarn


Have you tried Touch of Alpaca yet?  What did you think?

Happy Yarning!


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Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca Review



  • Monica Leggett

    I love the way you explain how things works I am buying myself a addi knitting machines in both sizes for my birthday this month in April but I really don’t know what yarn works best can you please help. I have my own farm with soay sheep and I do my own process and spin my sheep wool but I don’t know if this would work on the addi machines I truly hope so but I just love love your videos easy to understand and learn from. Please help with the basic of yarns with the addi machines. Thanks A Happy Yarner!

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi Monica! The Addi machines are compatible with most yarns from #1 Fingering weight to #5 Bulky weight. Your handspun wool yarn will probably work pretty well. If you do have any trouble with a yarn on your machines, the tips in this video will help most any type of yarn work well. Hope this helps!

  • Carolyn Walker

    You a such a big help to me and inspiration. I certainly trust your judgement and honesty. These are qualities about you that shows in your written words. I can also hear your voice as I read your articles. This yarn I had skepticism about due to the alpaca blend and never tried it. Have this same yarn and color in my arsenal to try out with your cowl neck patterned featured in this article – which I down loaded days ago. Thank you for my start in a knitting adventure with great success. I’ve gained true confidence in your knitting tutorials. Thank you again and again. Carolyn Walker

    • Yay for Yarn

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Carolyn! I’m so glad you have enjoyed my tutorials so far. I really appreciate your feedback, and I hope you’ll enjoy knitting the Afternoon Stroll cowl!

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