Yarn Review: Laurel Hill Variations – Hand-Dyed Superwash Merino Wool

by | Aug 31, 2023

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Laurel Hill sent me a few skeins of their exclusive, in-house yarn to try out, and I really enjoyed working with it! Read on to learn what I thought of this yarn and what I made from it.

After testing out Laurel Hill’s exclusive, hand-dyed yarn, I think it’s a lovely yarn for many types of projects. I was very happy with the softness, quality, and tonal-dyed look. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics and qualities of this yarn. It might just be the perfect yarn for your next knitting or crochet project!

Weight & Skein Size

Variations comes in two weight categories, Fingering and DK weight. I tested the DK weight version, which contains 100g / 225 yards per skein. The Fingering weight version contains 100g / 390 yards per skein. These yarns come as a hank, which is typical of hand-dyed yarns. To use a hank of yarn, you’ll need to wind it into a ball or center-pull skein first. I like to use a yarn winder and swift to wind my yarns into center-pull cakes (tutorial here).


Variations DK is made from 100% Superwash Australian Merino Wool, which is super soft and nice-quality. Merino wool is softer and finer than regular wool, and is even better if it is superwash. Superwash yarns are treated so that they do not felt when washed. This makes the yarn very soft, removing any scratchiness from the wool, and makes the yarn easier to care for.

Variations Fingering is 75% Superwash Australian Merino Wool, with 25% Nylon added in. The nylon adds durability, making the Fingering weight version of this yarn suitable for making socks.

Quality & Texture

I think this yarn is of very nice quality, with a soft, smooth feel. The yarn strand is made of many small plies (smaller strands of yarn) put together, creating a smooth, low-fuzz texture that I enjoyed working with.

closeup of single crochet fabric in Laurel Hill Variations yarn, Teal

Hand-Dyed Colorways

The Variations yarn line features beautiful tonal hand-dyed colorways. I love working with tonal dyed yarns, as they contain subtle variations of the yarn color, adding depth and texture to the look of the finished project. Variations Fingering is available in 12 different colorways, while Variations DK comes in 14 colorways.

crochet swatches in Laurel Hill Variations DK yarn, with yarn cake on white background


Laurel Hill Variations is priced at $22 USD per 100g skein, which is pretty comparable to other similar yarns. (Most other hand-dyed Superwash Merino Wool yarns that I have found are priced at $20 to $30+ USD per skein.)

My Experience using Laurel Hill Variations Yarn

I really enjoyed working with this yarn! I used the Burnt Amber colorway to make my Easiest Crochet Boot Cuffs, and the Emerald Waters colorway ended up becoming a tutorial-filming apron that will hold all of my knitting & crochet tools and notions while I film video tutorials.

feet wearing dark brown lace up boots with dark orange ribbed crochet boot cuffs
apron-style crochet 'tool belt' for knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, and notions, teal-colored on white background

As I crocheted with this yarn, I did notice a few times where my hook split the yarn, but it was very pleasant to work with overall. It is common for yarns with a fine, many-plied texture to split occasionally while crocheting. (I was also crocheting at a tighter gauge, which increases the chances of the yarn splitting.) So I was quite happy with the quality and texture of the yarn.

I love the tonal look of the hand-dyed colors in my finished projects! These yarns are even prettier in person than in the online photos, with beautifully vibrant colors.

I would definitely recommend Laurel Hill Variations yarn for those extra-special projects where you want the lovely look and feel of hand-dyed yarn.

Have you tried this yarn yet? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

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