Yarn Review: Ice Yarns Favorite Worsted

by | May 4, 2020

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This inexpensive worsted-weight acrylic from Ice Yarns is so soft!  See how it compares to other popular brands, and what I think of the quality, variety, and price.

Recently, Ice Yarns reached out to me and offered to send me a few of their yarns to try out and review.  I had never bought their yarns before, but I decided to give them a try and see what their yarns are like.  (You can check out my initial thoughts about these yarns, along with a breakdown of the price comparison in this post.)

The yarn featured in this post was sent to me by Ice Yarns (thank you!), but all opinions stated are my own.

I have now made an entire afghan with one of the yarns, and I’d love to share my thoughts.  Although I did not purchase this yarn myself, after having tried it, I would purchase this yarn myself.

So let’s get into the review!

Quality of Ice Yarns Favorite Worsted

First off, Ice Yarns is based in Turkey.  I have noticed that of all the acrylic yarns I have tried, the ones made in Turkey tend to be a little nicer quality than many of the acrylic yarns made in China.  I don’t know why that is, or what makes the difference, but acrylics made in Turkey consistently seem to feel a bit nicer.

I’ve used a total of 8 skeins of Favorite Worsted, and I think it is of pretty nice quality.

It’s a great basic, worsted-weight, all-purpose acrylic yarn.  It has a soft, smooth feel to it; a little fuzzy, with no plasticky feel at all.  I would compare the texture of this yarn as similar to Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn.  The strand is round, a bit fluffy, with a nice spin to it.

If I were to rank this yarn by quality, I would say it is better than Red Heart Super Saver or Bernat Super Value, and equal to Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn or KnitPicks Brava.

I crocheted an afghan with this yarn, and I did not find this yarn to be prone to splitting.  It did not split much at all for me.  Over the 8 skeins that I used, I only found one knot in the yarn and one small flaw where one ply of the yarn had split off.  I’ve tried several other acrylic yarns that had more knots and flaws in them than this yarn did.  So one knot and one flaw over 8 skeins is pretty good!

8 skeins of pink worsted weight acrylic yarn

Variety of Colors

Favorite Worsted currently comes in 40 colors, which is a good range for the typical Worsted Weight acrylic yarn.  There are some other brands that come in more colors, but that’s a good start!  I like the colors they have for this yarn, and I think they are all nice.

I got the Powder Pink colorway, which is a soft blush pink.  Although the color name is not listed on the yarn labels, it is marked on the plastic package that the skeins come in.


Favorite Worsted comes in 100 gram skeins, with 229 yards per skein.  As its name implies, it’s a #4 Medium / Worsted Weight yarn, made from 100% Acrylic.

Ice yarns are very affordably priced, and are usually less expensive than comparable yarns that are available in US craft stores.

One major difference is how you order the yarn.  For most of their yarns, you cannot order yarn by the skein.  Instead, you order a pack of skeins.  Depending on the size of the skein, some yarns come in packs of 2, packs of 4, packs of 6, or even packs of 8.  Their site is very helpful, though, and gives both the price per pack, and what that ends up costing for each skein.

They sell Favorite Worsted in packs of 4, which cost $4.99 per pack, bringing the cost per skein to $1.25.

woman crocheting a pink blanket, wearing black yarn-print leggings

Here’s the catch:

These yarns are not shipped straight from a US warehouse, but are shipped all the way from Turkey.  So the shipping usually costs more than when we order things from US-based yarn companies.

If I had purchased this yarn myself, the 2 packs of 4 skeins I received would have cost $9.98, plus $12.95 shipping.  This would bring the order total to $22.93 USD.  If you divide the total cost by the number of skeins, each skein costs about $2.86 including shipping.

At first, I thought Ice Yarns’ shipping costs were crazy high.  But after comparing the prices to some other companies, they actually aren’t too bad.

For example, I know of only one other nice-quality acrylic that is less expensive than Favorite Worsted: KnitPicks Brava.  (I have used KnitPicks Brava a lot over the years, and I have a review on it here.)  Both yarns include 100g of yarn per skein.  Brava Worsted retails for $1.99 USD per skein.  If I were to have ordered 8 skeins of Brava, the yarn itself would cost $15.92.  KnitPicks would have charged me $5.99 for shipping.  After tax, the price for 8 100g skeins of yarn would be about the same as if I ordered 8 skeins of Favorite Worsted.

Ice Yarns’ shipping is not slow, either.  Their shipping quote is for Express shipping.  The average delivery time to Europe and USA is 2-6 working days, which is just as quick as if you order from a company based in the US.

For comparison, if I ordered 800g of Worsted Weight Acrylic from Lion Brand, it would cost me $46.82!

Overall, I think Favorite Worsted is a good-quality Worsted Weight Acrylic.  It’s a great, inexpensive, all-purpose yarn that will work well for many types of projects.  I enjoyed working with it, and I hope you’ll give it a try!

Have you ever tried Ice Yarns?

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  1. Ice yarns

    Since several years i’m using the wonderfull yarn from brand Ice yarns. It brings me completely satisfaction while knitting many different kinds of clothes. I’ve tried many brands before but there is nothing on the market which is comparable with iceyarns!

  2. Janet Vazquez

    I like this yarn specialy Camilla Cotton. The price and quality are great. I made a shirt for my girl and you can wash it in your washing machine and it doesn’t loose the yarn quality. I really love it.


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