How to use the Invisible Slip Stitch & Chainless Starting Stitches to work Seamless, Jogless Stripes in the Round

by | Dec 22, 2018

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The Invisible Slip Stitch and Chainless Starting Stitch eliminate the typical turning chain and slip stitch for a seamless, nearly invisible join, perfect for working STRIPES!

See my original video on the Invisible Join method here. This technique is perfect for any project that requires joining at the end of the round, and is ideal for jogless stripes. It is just as seamless as working in a continuous spiral, yet doesn’t create a jog, or uneven section in your stripes. The Chainless Starting Double Crochet is abbreviated as CSDC.
The Chainless Starting Half-Double Crochet is abbreviated as CSHDC.
The Chainless Starting Single Crochet is abbreviated as CSSC.

Have you tried the Invisible Join method yet?

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  1. Teresa Sexton

    A wonderful explanation. I’ve always hated the look of those slip stitch joins and the chains. Never again! Lol

  2. Lennie Stegeman

    I love this method! I find it a game-changer! I am using it in a project right now and at first glance you can’t see where a round starts or ends; really amazing!
    I would like ask you a question; is it possible to send you an e-mail?

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi! So glad to hear that you are happy with the results of the Invisible Join Method! You can send me an email here. I hope this helps!

  3. Susan

    Thank you so much for this!!!!! This is fantastic and you did such a great job in the tutorial!!!!
    Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

  4. Linda

    Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for and you explained it all so well. Thanks so much! I’m going to make some tube sox with stripes at the top. ????

  5. Jaci

    Excellently done tutorial. I will be passing along to those that I am teaching.

  6. Miriam Smith

    Can this method be adapted when crocheting in a spiral as opposed to rounds? Many thanks for a great tutorial.

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi Miriam. You could use the Invisible Slip Stitch to join when you’re finished with a spiral, or you could join your spiral and then work a few regular rounds beginning with the chainless starting stitches to work a stripe before going back to working in a spiral. However, the purpose of this technique is to make the join blend in when working in rounds, which I typically use when I don’t want to work in a spiral. I hope this helps!

  7. Carol

    Is there a PDF instruction in this invisible slip stitch & chainless starting stitch??

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi Carol. I don’t have PDF instructions for the invisible slip stitch, but I do have a free PDF tutorial for all of the chainless starting stitches. You can get the free cheat sheet here. I hope this helps!


    I subscribed, and have not received my email with the information I requested.

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi. I’ve checked my email system, and I cannot find a subscriber under the email address you used for your comment. Did you use a different email address to subscribe? I will be happy to help you with this and make sure you get the free cheat sheet you signed up for. Just send me a quick email at blogger[at], and let me know which email address you used to subscribe, and I will get that fixed for you. Thanks!

  9. Suzette

    Can’t wait to use this methot on my next hat

  10. Christine

    Fantastic video with very helpful information.
    Thank you.

  11. girliefriend


  12. carol salminen

    Great video and great techniques! Thanks for explaining and teaching a nice way to make crochet look professional!

    • Yay for Yarn

      You’re welcome, Carol! I’m glad you found it helpful!

  13. Enis Poirier

    Love to receive free patterns,


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