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How to STOP a Flat Panel from Curling on your Addi Knitting Machine

Have you ever struggled to get a flat panel made on the Addi Knitting Machine to lay flat?  This technique will STOP the edges of your flat panel from curling!

If you’ve made a flat panel on your Addi Knitting Machine, you know that it loves to curl up.  A lot.


Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the knitted fabric.


The Addi machine makes stockinette stitch fabric.  This type of knitted fabric is also extremely common in hand knitting.  It curls to the back on the side edges, and curls to the front on the top and bottom edges.


But guess what?  There is a solution!  To stop it from curling, we just need to add a built-in edging that won’t curl.


With a bit of ribbing on all four edges, your flat panel will actually stay flat!  This little trick works on both the Addi Pro (22 needle) and Addi King (46 needle) knitting machines, with any size panel.  See the video tutorial below to learn to fix this common problem.



What type of project would you make with No-Curl Flat Panels?

Happy Yarning!


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