How to Make a Braided Crochet Bracelet

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These cute little crochet bracelets are the perfect summer accessories, and are quick and easy to make!

You will need:
Small Amount of a thinner-weight yarn
Appropriately sized crochet hook
1 Small Button
Yarn Needle or Blunt Tapestry Needle
Large-eye Sewing Needle (eye must be big enough for the yarn to go through, yet small enough to pass through the button holes)

These bracelets can be worn one at a time, stacked together, or combined with other bracelets for a different look.

Pin the image below to save this project for later!

How would you wear a crocheted bracelet?

Happy Yarning! 🙂


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8 Responses

  1. I’ve pinned this three times and still can’t get anything but the things u need to do it. No instructions

    1. Hi Wanda! This post does not have written instructions, because the video tutorial shows how to make the entire project step by step. Just click “play” on the video to watch the full tutorial. I hope this helps!

  2. I found your site today thru Pinterest and made 2 bracelets for our 3 yr old daughter. She absolutely loves them! Thank you soo much for this tutorial! I loved how easy it was to follow.

  3. I found your site about a year ago. I had printed the pattern for cowl sweater top and could only find the back page. I am on your site and saw the bracelets.
    Because of serious health issues I have had a tracheotomy for almost a year. I wear the ties that are used for it. I am going to try to create a band or tie using this braided design. I will send a pic when I get it figured out. Thanks so much for sparking me into finding a nicer way to present myself. Blessings and hugs

  4. Hello I’m new to The Addy needing world I making scarves with the 22 needle Addi and would like to know if there’s anyway to make a button hole at the end of the scarf
    Using the Addi machine.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello! You can put a hole in a tube, but for the button to go through both layers, you will need to put another hole directly across from the first. To make each hole, you will need to decrease a stitch by picking up one stitch with your loom pick and placing it on the needle next to it. You will have an empty needle, and a needle with two stitches on it. Let the machine knit across the empty needle as normal. Then knit at least a few more rounds before binding off. Hope this helps! Thanks!

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