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How to Graft Your Knitting, The Easy Way – No Kitchener Stitch Required!

Grafting your knitting doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing! Use this simple technique for a seamless join, without the hassle of Kitchener stitch.


Have you ever tried to graft your knitting?


Grafting is a great way to seamlessly join two sets of live stitches together, like at the toe of a sock, or to connect the ends of an infinity scarf.


It’s usually done with Kitchener stitch, where both sets of live stitches are held on separate needles, and you use a yarn needle to stitch in and out of the live stitches to join them.


The Kitchener stitch works well, and produces a clean, seamless join if your tension is consistent.


It can be very confusing to work, as you have to repeat a sequence of stitches with the yarn needle, and you have to memorize a little chant just to remember where to insert the needle next.


If you happen to insert the needle in the wrong stitch or in the wrong direction, your graft will have a very visible mistake in it.


Because of this, many knitters avoid patterns and projects that require grafting.



But guess what?

There’s an easier way to do it.


This technique does the exact same thing as Kitchener stitch, but is much simpler, easier to see what you’re doing, and easier to remember.


With my favorite method, the stitches are held on waste yarn, which allows the loops to lay flat. Since we can see the loops more easily, we can make simple, down-and-up stitches in and out of the loops.
the two stitches for grafting knitting without kitchener stitch

It’s also easier to catch and fix mistakes, since you can see the loops more clearly, and the waste yarn holds the stitches until you are completely finished with the grafting.


Now, I don’t have to worry about memorizing the Kitchener stitch, and I can graft my knitting without having to look up the instructions again. 🙂

Watch the Video Tutorial below to learn how to Graft your Knitting the Easy Way!




If you use this technique in one of your projects, I’d love to hear how it works for you!  Please let me know how it turns out in the comments below.

Do you enjoy grafting your knitting?

Happy Yarning!

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Grafting your knitting doesn't have to be difficult or confusing! Use this simple technique for a seamless join, without the hassle of Kitchener stitch. #knittingtips #knittinghacks #knittingtechniques #yayforyarn #kitchenerstitch #sockknitting #seamlessknitting #knittingforbeginners

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