Giant Yarn BonBons! SUNTQ Yarn Review

by | Apr 21, 2018

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These Yarn Bonbons are waaaaaaaaay bigger than the ones you can get at a craft store!  

*This review is not sponsored.  I am not affiliated with SUNTQ, Lion Brand, or Red Heart.  I purchased this product myself, and all opinions stated are my own.

This set of 20 Mini-Skeins of 100% Acrylic yarn is perfect for projects with many colors, or for building a beginner crafter’s stash.

This #3 DK weight acrylic is decent quality, not quite as soft as Knit Picks Brava, but is softer than Red Heart Super Saver.  The yarn strand itself is smooth and round, without a lot of fuzz coming off of it.  I think it will wash and wear nicely.

For comparison, here is one of the SUNTQ yarn bonbons next to a Lion Brand Bonbon:

The Lion Brand bonbon contains 0.35 ounces (10 grams) of yarn, about 28 yards, and comes in a pack of 8.  The SUNTQ bonbon contains 1.75 ounces (25 grams) of yarn, which is about 50 yards, and comes in a pack of 20!

Like most “value” acrylic yarns, they do vary slightly in thickness between colors, but they are still relatively consistent.  I got 14 wraps per inch on the dark brown,

13 wraps per inch on the dark purple,

and 14 wraps per inch on the light pink:

I think this is a very nice set for the price, and I would purchase it again.  I love how many colors are included, and how much yarn you get in each bonbon.   I can’t wait to make something from this yarn!

Have you ever used Mini-Skeins or Bonbons for a project?

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