Yarn Review: Furls Wander Acrylic Yarn

by | Feb 5, 2021

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Looking for a soft, luxurious acrylic yarn?  This worsted-weight acrylic from Furls Crochet is a great choice for any type of project!  See how it compares to other popular brands, and what I think of the quality, texture, and price.


Furls Crochet just launched a brand-new line of acrylic yarn, and they sent me a few skeins to try out.  (Thanks Furls Crochet!)  I’ve been working on an upcoming project design in this yarn, and I like it pretty well so far.  I think it’s a great choice for just about any project where you would want a soft, washable yarn.

So let’s get into the review!


Furls Wander Yarn Info

First off, Furls Wander yarn is a 100% acrylic, #4 Medium / Worsted Weight yarn.  It comes in 100g / 3.5oz skeins, with 120 yards / 109m per skein.  This yarn is also machine washable.



In my opinion, the most important criteria for an acrylic yarn is the texture.  Some cheap acrylic yarns are very scratchy, and can have a plasticky feel.  This one sure doesn’t!  Furls Wander has a soft, slightly silky feel to it that would be perfect for anything worn next to the skin.  It feels a bit more luxurious than your typical acrylic yarn.

The strand is smooth, but airy.  Caron Simply Soft, for example, is silky, but it is more dense, and tends to split.  Furls Wander has a little more fluff to it, and from my experience, does not tend to split.  My teak Streamline hook is gliding in and out of these stitches easily, without splitting at all.

The closest yarn I know of with a similar texture to Furls Wander is Lion Brand Heartland, which is heathered rather than solid like Wander.  (It’s not exactly the same, but that is the closest comparable yarn I am familiar with.)

light wood background with crochet scarf in progress, furls streamline hook, and four skeins of furls wander yarn

By the way, the colors I’m using are Snow (cream), Mist (silver), and Cobblestone.



From what I have used of this yarn so far, I think the quality is pretty good.  I have encountered a few knots, but knots don’t really bother me unless there are way too many of them.  (This is part of the manufacturing process, and it is totally normal and acceptable to have a couple of knots in a skein of yarn.)  I have not found any issues with the quality, and I think the yarn will hold up well with use and washing.



Furls Wander is sold for $5 USD per skein, with discounted prices if you buy 5 or 10+ skeins at once.  Compared to the most similarly-textured yarn I know of, Lion Brand Heartland, this price is pretty reasonable.

Is it the most inexpensive high-quality acrylic yarn you can get?  Not really.  (KnitPicks Brava is an inexpensive, high-quality acrylic, and retails for $2.49 per 100g skein.)  However, if you prefer a slightly silky, airy feel over a plush, squishy feel, Furls Wander is reasonably priced compared to many other soft acrylic yarns on the market.

three skeins of furls wander yarn in brown, cream, and grey on a striped crochet background


So, would I recommend this yarn?  Yes!  I think it’s a good choice for any project where you want a soft, washable material with a more luxurious feel than your typical acrylic.  And stay tuned… the pattern for the scarf-in-progress shown in the photos is coming soon!  UPDATE: The Herringbone Scarf crochet pattern is now available!

denim jacket laying on light wood with striped fringed crochet scarf in cream, grey and brown

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  1. Ivy Sistrunk

    This is my first extensive browsing of your site. I have visited before and found you to be very informative, especially your knowledge on various yarns. I find that your suggestions have proven to be very valuable. Also, you have , in a way you may not understand, renewed my desire to pick up my crochet again. So after about 20 years and recovering from cancer, I want to start by buying the SUNFLOWER THROW. Thank you for the renewed inspiration!

  2. Ivy Sistrunk

    This is really my first extensive browse of your site that I have taken. I have been here before out of couriosityand have found you to be very informative, suggestions, and renewing my desire to crochet. Thats a BIGGIE ! I gues I sore of got burned out years ago. Now after about 20 years, recovering from cancer, I am regaining my interest. Thank for that! All is not hopeless.

  3. Roberta

    Those colors are beautiful. I would have to decide what I wanted to make first, because each skein is only 120 yards. It would cost me $20.00 for 600 yards. I’m not saying that’s bad, but if I want to make a larger garment it would add up.
    What are you making, it looks very nice.

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi Roberta! I’m working on a new scarf design. Free pattern coming soon. 🙂


    Thank you


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