My First Order from WeCrochet! (Review+ an Amazing Deal)

by | Jan 31, 2020

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I’m so happy with the new crochet tools, yarns, and patterns I got from WeCrochet!  Come see what I bought, and check out some of their beautiful yarns, hooks, and tools for yourself!

So, this week, I got my first order from WeCrochet.

If you knit as well as crochet, or if you’ve watched some of my yarn review videos, you’ve probably heard me mention KnitPicks before. KnitPicks sells a ton of great-quality yarns and tools at affordable prices, and they’ve just launched a brand-new site just for crocheters: WeCrochet.

Most online yarn shops sell crochet tools and supplies, but are mainly geared towards knitters. WeCrochet offers many of the same yarns and notions as KnitPicks, but it is just for crocheters.

Long story short, they’ve got some kits and bundles of crochet tools and supplies that are deeply discounted right now, as a way for crocheters to try some of their most popular products.

I ordered the $20 Yay Crochet kit, which is an AMAZING deal! This kit includes over $80 worth of hooks, yarn, and more.

{UPDATE: Shortly after posting this, hundreds of people clicked through my links, and many of you ordered this kit. (Thank you!) This particular kit is now sold out, but there are still some great deals to be had on WeCrochet.  They also have a $5 Yay Crochet Kit, which includes over $30 worth of stuff.  So if you’re interested, be sure to shop ASAP!}

In this kit, I got:

They also have other discounted kits available, and I would imagine that once they sell out, they will not likely be restocked at these prices. So if this sounds like a deal you’d want to take advantage of, I suggest you grab one of these kits as quickly as possible!

For a limited time, they also have free US shipping on orders over $35.

Grab this kit at WeCrochet here.

Let’s get a closer look at some of these items!

First up, the bag.  Most of my current project bags are rather small, and I needed one that would hold larger projects.  This bag is huge!  It’s made from a shimmery silver leather-like material, with the WeCrochet logo embossed on it.  The interior lining has a large pocket, and is printed with crochet hooks!

And here are all the real crochet hooks… the bright ergonomic set has soft rubber handles, but the Radiant hook is my favorite so far.  The hook tip on this one is perfect, with the glide of laminated birch that I love.  (Reviews on these hooks are coming soon!)

The yarn is Chroma Worsted, which is a color-gradient yarn.  I have used this yarn many times before, so I already know it’s great!  These colorways are solid Black and Red Velvet, which are for making the Facets Cowl pattern included in the magazine.

The WeCrochet magazine is actually more like a pattern book.  It’s printed on high-quality book paper, and contains 22 crochet patterns.  The little “Yay Crochet” pin is so cute!  It’s a sparkly green ball of yarn, with a little smiley face and a hook going through it.

And shown in the video above is the other yarn I bought, which was not included as part of the kit.  It’s Cotlin, a cotton / linen blend, in a deep blue-green colorway.  I plan to use this yarn for a summer garment project I have in mind.


Please note: while the links to WeCrochet are affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you, I did NOT get these items for free, neither is this post sponsored or endorsed by WeCrochet. I purchased these items myself, and I think the kit is such a great deal that I just had to share.

Anyway, I hope you can grab a deal on one of these kits while they’re still available!

Have you ordered from WeCrochet yet?

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  1. Peggy

    Can you please give me advice on one of your projects? Comfy cozy cardigan nov 10 2018. Never made one before my daughter wants buttons not sure how or where to add holes? And she wants stripes 5 colors with one color being main advice on both please a lady in joans said you was great on helping. Thank you in advance.

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi Peggy. If you want to add stripes to the Comfy Cozy Cardigan, you can do that. However, this sweater is worked in vertical rows, so the stripes would run up and down instead of horizontally. Also, the collar edging of this sweater is designed to fold back, so to add buttons, you would need to omit the existing edging and make your own edging, with buttonholes on one side of the front. For each buttonhole, you would work a few chains, and skip the same number of stitches in the row. Then, you would keep going with whatever stitch you are using for your edging rows until you want to add the next buttonhole. Remember how many chains you use for each buttonhole, and on the following row, work that number of stitches into each chain space from the buttonhole. I hope this helps!


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