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See what others have to say about The Ergonomic Speed Knitting Method, my step-by-step video course that will teach you how to knit quickly and efficiently, while minimizing hand strain.

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“Thank you so much for your course on Ergonomic Speed Knitting. I had a feeling that it would be a good buy, and I was right! Although I have a long way to go, I am making progress and am in love with your method. I did a lot of knitting as a pre-teen, even coming up with my own pattern for a sleeveless sweater for my doll. (Yes, I was still playing with dolls at that age! LOL) Life happened, and I put the knitting away “for a while.” That was 55 years ago.

Last summer, I retaught myself using YouTube videos. I went from being an English knitter to a continental knitter. I made good progress with the knit stitch, but not the purl stitch. Also, I have an injury to the 2nd joint on my right thumb, as well as a touch of arthritis when I overdo things.

I feel that your method will allow me to enjoy knitting for a long time to come. I’m taking my time and just enjoying knitting. Every day, I feel more comfortable and am picking up speed. So, thank you! You did a great job on the videos. Continued success to you in your endeavors! Merci beaucoup!”

- Donna S.

So far so good!!! I picked it up very easily!! I tried continental so many times before and failed…this time…success!! Thank you!!

- Brenda

I haven’t completed the course yet, however, I am definitely using the recommendations so far. I’m impressed with the quality of the instruction. Looking forward to learning how to knit faster and more ergonomically. I highly recommend this training!

- La Donna

I love the class. the info is great and Breanne does great job of explaining. Right now I am concentrating on the purl stitch. I know it takes practice. She makes it look easy. I wish there were a project to work, as well. Thank you Breanne

- Rose G.

I have been an English knitter from the the start of my knitting adventures. I tried continental knitting a few times but it was so awkward that I gave up. These yay for yarn videos have help me to convert to continental knitting. They are clear and comprehensive and address all of the potential problems that you may come across eg tension or holding the yarn. Well done and thanks

- Kristy B.

Thank you Brianna for the wonderful videos on Ergonomic Speed Knitting. When I taught myself to knit many, many years ago, it was English style. I just could not make my left hand do what it needed to! (One reason I could not learn to crochet, my mother who was a terrific crocheter tried many times to teach me)

It has been frustrating, but after watching the videos over and over again, for 2 week straight, I have mastered Ergonomic continental knitting. Now I am working on the speed. Still knitting at snails pace. The videos are a wonderful learning tool. Thank you again Brianna for responding to my emails and helping me thorough my most frustrating moments.

- Esther K.

Your course really got me started, thank you! I Eventually found the Norwegian method of knitting, and for me it was easier that grabbing the yarn with my index finger up. I guess everyone has to find the method that’s most comfortable for them. Thanks for your helping me get started! And congrats on your 100 thousand viewers!

- Judy D.

 I’m so glad I found this course. It is the only thing like it on the net. I took the plunge because of pain from tendonitis and finally I can now knit again. It takes determination and I REALLY recommend you take her advice about knitting swatches. I am still finding myself hunching my shoulders or grabbing my needles too tightly but I keep re-watching the videos and adjusting and improving my technique. I just had a lovely Sunday knitting on and off all day, which I thought was a thing of the past, and I’m not even finished the course. Yay for yarn gets a huge yay and thank you from me.

- Rhaya J.

I’ve been knitting on and off for about 10 years and the last year or so have been doing much more. I’m self-taught using the English method so I was excited to finally feel like I knew what I was doing. I started a project for my daughter’s wedding and about half-way through, my wrist started to hurt. After ignoring it for a couple weeks, I finally gave in and took a break; my wrist started to feel better.

I decided I didn’t want to start again and make it worse, so I searched for an alternative way to knit and came across Brianna’s course. I looked at other methods but they seemed hard to understand, so I went with this and I’m so glad I did. The videos are extremely helpful and easy to follow. I had to watch the knit video a few times and struggled a little because it was very different from the muscle memory I had from using the English method, but I just went slow and was able to sort it out. Since I was in the middle of the wedding project, I knitted a practice swatch until it looked even and I felt like I was doing it right. I skipped around because I needed to knit, yarn over, knit 2 together and bind off for the project. I’m still working on that so haven’t completed the rest of the course yet, but I will soon.

I feel very confident with this method and think the rest of the lessons will come easily. I’m very surprised at how little I move my wrists now when knitting. Together with the compression gloves, I can knit and it doesn’t hurt. Truly amazing and I’m grateful to Brianna for explaining everything so clearly. Thank you!!

- Barbara W.

I found Brianna’s course when I was starting to learn how to knit Continental due to experiencing some elbow pain which I thought might be knitting related. This course has certainly helped me to pay more attention to the way I knit. The videos are very professional and Brianna’s instructions and demonstrations are clear. She is also very responsive to questions.

This course has made me more aware of how I knit, not just how I hold the needles and yarn but also how I sit, the placement of my hands, wrists and elbows, and the need to vary my knitting styles and not sit knitting for long periods of time. I now intersperse continental knitting with English knitting and crochet and, together with some hand and arm strengthening exercises and the information from this course, am feeling much more mindful of my crafting, with positive results. If you are experiencing any knitting-related aches and pains, want to refine your current knitting style, or just want to add a new way of knitting to your available options then you may find this course helpful.

- MiniSkeinMaven

The ergonomic speed knitting course has relieved my hatred of purling and the rib stitch! I couldn’t stand how long it took to switch from knit to purl. The old way made knitting feel like a chore. Now ALL knitting is smooth and swift. I hardly have to concentrate. I have knitted a cardigan and a sweater in about two weeks!
I highly recommend this course to anybody who can’t stand to purl!

- Tina R.

Best course ever! I initially learned to knit using the English method which was okay but not that enjoyable and took forever to make something. I found the Yay for Yarn site by accident and happened to see the ergonomic method video. It peaked my interest so I enrolled in the course and I’m so happy I did! Her demonstrations were clear, easy to follow, and she went over everything a few times (which was helpful). After some practice (making quite a few dishcloths), I found that I can not only knit faster but I can knit for longer and without hand pain! Knitting is so much more enjoyable for me now. Thank you Brianna!

- Julie.

I started knitting about a week ago after having done tons of crochet over the last five years. I wanted to make sure as I was learning to knit that I avoided some of the hand issues I’ve heard about from friends who knit. I am so glad I watched these videos! The class was definitely worth it to make sure I learned with good habits rather than having to re-learn later on after pain started. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials on the ergonomic knitting method!

- Christy B.

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