The Best Storage Cases for Super-Thick Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

by | Aug 31, 2019

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I finally found a case that will hold my super-thick ergonomic crochet hooks! This case holds many types of hooks, including Furls & handmade crochet hooks.

I love my super-thick crochet hooks.  The very large handles make crochet much more comfortable for me, as it does not require the hand to be as tightly closed to hold the hook.  In fact, I use hooks with super-thick handles almost exclusively, because they are so much more comfortable to use.

The one problem I have with these hooks is that it’s nearly impossible to find a case for them.

There are very few manufacturers that make hooks this thick, and those who do usually only make expensive hook stands for the hooks, not cases.  The companies that make cases only seem to make them for hooks with regular handles.

So how do you store and carry these ergonomic crochet hooks, when there aren’t any cases for them?

I was wondering if there was a solution to this problem, so I went searching for a case that would hold these hooks.

Well, I finally found a case.

It’s not actually designed for crochet hooks, though.  It’s made for holding a ton of pens, colored pencils, or markers.  But since these all have different thicknesses, the cases are made with large elastic slots, so you can fit different kinds of pens and pencils.

For super-thick crochet hooks, this is perfect!  These large elastic slots are just right for securely holding a hook up to 3/4″ in diameter.  The Furls crochet hooks that I have are all 3/4″ in diameter, and they fit perfectly into each slot.

I am also using this case to hold my handmade, polymer-clay-handled crochet hooks, which are a little thicker than 3/4″.  They just barely fit into the elastic slots.  It’s a bit difficult to get them in and out, but it holds the hooks securely.

The case is also hard-sided, so it helps protect the hooks inside.

This is the BTSKY Portable Colored Pencil Case from Amazon, which I am currently using for my hooks.  I don’t have enough of these hooks to fill all the slots, but it does a great job protecting my hooks.

Since it worked so well, I bought another similar case from a different brand to hold my pens, pencils, and markers.  This is the Qianshan Pencil Case, which has even more slots in it.  This one would also work well for crochet hooks.

For a closer look at all the features in these cases, watch my video review below:

I think either of these cases is great for securely storing any large-handled crochet hooks.  So far, I am very happy with the quality and function of both cases.  I’ll definitely continue to use these for any super-thick crochet hooks I add to my collection!

How do you store your crochet hooks?

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I finally found a case that will hold my super-thick ergonomic crochet hooks! This case holds many types of hooks, including Furls & handmade crochet hooks. #furlscrochet #crochethookcase #crochetstorage #crochetorganization #yayforyarn #polymerclaycrochethooks

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  1. BeagleMom

    so awesome!!! i’ve been looking everywhere to find a case that will accommodate my wood hooks…. furl’s, sharkys, nelsonwood, etc… glad i found your post!!!! thank you!!!

  2. Hope Clippinger

    What hooks are pictured?

    • Yay for Yarn

      Hi Hope! The hooks that are rainbow-colored in one side of the case are hooks I made myself (tutorial here). The hooks in the other side of the case (that all look different) are various other brands of crochet hooks. The purple ones with metal hook tips are the Furls Odyssey hooks. The other large hooks with brightly colored handles are Clover Amour plastic hooks. I hope this helps!


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