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April 2019 KnitCrate – Review & Unboxing + Exclusive Coupon Code

I can’t wait to make something from the super-squishy yarn I got in the April 2019 KnitCrate!  Plus, don’t miss this exclusive coupon code, just for my readers!



KnitCrate is a monthly yarn subscription service, delivering high-quality, hand-dyed yarn to your doorstep. They offer several different crates, with different types of yarn and projects. The crate shown in the video above is the KnitCrate Membership, which includes 2 skeins of premium yarn in the featured colorway, and 2 exclusive patterns (1 knitting pattern, 1 crochet pattern). All KnitCrates ship worldwide with free shipping and handling. Members also receive reward points and discounts towards future purchases.

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KnitCrate discount coupon code for 20% off your first month


Each month’s crate has a theme, and this month’s theme is “Entomology” (the study of insects).  All yarns for this month feature colorways inspired by brightly-colored insects.  In the KnitCrate Membership for April, the crate includes 2 skeins of one of two different colorways: “Leaf Eater”, or “Ladybug”, which I received.

KnitCrate yarn subscription with knitting and crochet patterns

The yarn is brand-new: Audine Wools “Sigh DK”, a DK weight blend of Merino Wool and Cashmere.  I love when they send yarns with cashmere!  Cashmere is sooooo soft and squishy, and if I don’t use the yarn right away, I leave it on my desk so I can squeeze it whenever I want. 😁  The colorway I received is a softer, slightly faded red.  Even though it is a solid color, because it is hand-dyed, there are very slight variations in the color.  It adds a little bit of depth, without being noticeably tonal or variegated.  I always gravitate towards brighter colors, so I’m super happy with the colorway I got this month!

from the April 2019 KnitCrate membership

super soft, luxury hand dyed yarn, with free worldwide shipping

This month, the crate included a small pattern booklet, including the patterns from the Membership crate and Sock Membership Crate.  This booklet contains 1 crochet pattern (Chrysalis Stole by Liliana Buce-Chmelko), 1 knitting pattern (Canopy Shawl by Destiny Meyer), and a sock knitting pattern (Undergrass by Stephanie Voyer).  I love all of the beautiful photos, patterns, and information in the booklet.  We also got several downloadable bonus knitting patterns, including the Hens & Chicks Shawl and the Caterpillar Tracks Cowl, both designed by Dallas Ann Prentice.

best luxury hand dyed cashmere yarn for knitting or crochet

I haven’t decided what I’ll make with this yarn yet, but I can’t wait to find the perfect project for it!

Thanks so much to KnitCrate for sending me this crate to review! 

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Happy Yarning!

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I can't wait to make something from the super-squishy yarn I got in the April 2019 KnitCrate!  Plus, don't miss this exclusive coupon code, just for my readers!


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