This afghan is assembled from Flat Circles made on the Addi Express Professional Knitting Machine.

The circles are then stitched together to make the afghan.

This afghan could also be made smaller for a very pretty rug.

Happy Yarning! 🙂

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  1. Hello, this is gorgeous! How many rows did you do per circle?
    Thank you, making this for a baby.

  2. Hey! I love this pattern so much I’m going to make a few for my children =]] I just have a few questions.
    What are the measurements of the one you made and how many skeins of yarn did it take to make it?
    You’re terrific and talented! Can’t wait to see more of your work!


    1. Hi Jessica. My Afghan was 47″x43″ and I used 91 white circles and 122 colored circles. I do not know how many skeins this would take. Most of mine was made from scrap yarn. I weighed the finished blanket, though, and it weighs nearly 1400 grams. All of the yarn I used was 100% acrylic. Please check the label for the yarn you are using to determine the yarn requirements. For example, solid colors of Red Heart Super Saver have 198 grams and 364 yards per ball. If you divide the yardage in one ball (364 yards) by the number of grams in one ball (198 grams), you will get the number of yards per gram of that yarn. For Super Saver, this is approximately 1.84 yards per gram of yarn. If you multiply this number by the number of grams I used in my blanket (1.84 x 1400), you will get the total estimated yardage for the entire blanket (in this example, 2,576 yards). You can use this method for any yarn that you would like to use. The number of skeins you will need will vary depending on how many colors you would like to use. Also, each circle takes about 15 yards of yarn. Hope this helps!

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