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by | Nov 17, 2022

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Looking for a gift for a knitting or crocheting friend? Want to support small handmade businesses? Check out some of my favorite handmade gifts for knitters and crocheters on Etsy.

As crafters, we can truly appreciate the time, effort, and love that go into making something handmade, and understand the value of a handmade item.

Whether you’re shopping for a gift for a knitter or crocheter, or just want to support a small business by adding a beautiful handmade craft item to your stash, I’ve curated a list of my favorite gifts for yarn crafters just for you.

All of these items are available on Etsy, an online marketplace where thousands of small businesses and home crafters can sell their handmade and custom items. You can find custom and personalized gifts for anyone (like these personalized leather accessories), but in this gift guide, I’m highlighting my top picks for gifts that a knitter or crocheter would enjoy.

I hope you’ll find something you love!

Knitting & Crochet Stickers

These stickers are so cute! Yarn-themed stickers are among the most affordable gifts for knitters & crocheters, and all of these are handmade. They can be put on a laptop or tablet, a notebook… you could even use one on a plain notebook for a custom project journal!

Hand-Dyed Yarns

Every knitter and crocheter loves squishy yarn! Hand-dyed yarns are SO much fun to work with, and these yarns in particular are SO pretty! I love the color combinations of these yarns, but there are hundreds more to choose from on Etsy.

Project Bags

Although we can store projects in ziplock bags and plastic grocery sacks, using a dedicated project bag is much more convenient and eco-friendly.

I have the Aki Canvas Backpack from HannahCanvas on Etsy, and it is one of my favorite bags for taking a project on the go. It has a big enough pocket inside for a 13″ laptop or paper notebook, plenty of space for yarn, smaller zipper pockets to keep your tools separate, and a light-colored lining that makes it easier to see what’s inside your bag.

I also love to use cotton drawstring pouches for organizing small projects, and I love the graphic on this one from adknit on Etsy. The scenery is made from yarn!

If you like to carry small projects along with you to work on at any moment, you might enjoy a wrist bag like this one with the geometric print. This type of bag is great for knitting while standing or walking, or if you like to keep your ball of yarn off the floor.

And of course, a good quality zipper pouch is great for keeping projects organized as well, especially if it can stand up like this one. It even has a key leash inside so you can clip your stitch markers and small notions on and not lose them in the bottom of your bag!

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

I always prefer using an ergonomic crochet hook over a regular one. All of these beautiful hooks are handmade, with thick ergonomic handles.

Handy Knitting & Crochet Tools

These tools are great to keep in your project bag! I love the Crafty Ring for knitting or crocheting with two colors at a time. It keeps your two yarns separated so it’s easier to grab the correct yarn with your hook or needle tip.

And these nifty wooden tools from Katrinkles can help you keep track of your yarn colors, determine wraps per inch, measure gauge, remember how to work German short rows, and more.

Knitting & Crochet Bracelets

I love these rubber and leather wrist rulers! I have the rubber one, which is waterproof, but they both wrap around the wrist like a bracelet. The longer ones wrap around multiple times, and they’re great to have on your wrist when you need to measure your project frequently.

The personalized knitting bracelets are cute, and they can also be a great place to clip your stitch markers onto while you’re crafting.

Cute Gifts for Knitters & Crocheters

There are plenty of knitting and crochet themed t-shirts out there, but this one is unique! The scenery is made from yarn, and the hills in the scene are knitted. I also loved this crochet tumbler, covered with yarn balls and crochet hooks.

Stitch Markers

Last, but certainly not least, are these beautiful handmade stitch markers. Stitch markers are useful for keeping track of your stitches and rows, but they can also be like jewelry for your WIP. ๐Ÿ˜ I love decorative stitch markers, and all of these are so pretty!

Most handmade stitch markers either come on a ring, a lobster clasp, or a lever back clasp. I prefer the lever back clasp, as its round shape allows it to be slipped onto a knitting needle while still being able to clip onto crochet stitches. Ring-style stitch markers are most often used for knitting, but they cannot be used for crochet.

I hope this gift guide has helped you find a handmade item that you or a yarn-loving friend will enjoy! Which of these items is your favorite?

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    Of all the gifts in the guide my favourite is the stitch markers


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