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Yarn Review: Knit Picks Brava

I love Knit Picks Brava. In fact, I have used over 40 skeins of it in the past 2 years!

Brava is a soft, high quality acrylic yarn, available in Sport, Worsted, and Bulky weights. Like most acrylics, it is machine washable and comes in many beautiful colors. I find that it does not split when you are knitting or crocheting with it, and I have not had any problems with my projects pilling when washed. It also works well on my Addi Knitting Machines. Some colors are made in Turkey, and others are made in China. I think the colors made in Turkey are slightly better quality than the ones made in China, but I would still classify both types as high quality acrylic yarn.

My favorite thing about Brava is the price. Brava is just as inexpensive as Red Heart Super Saver, with the quality of many “premium” acrylics. I have tried all of the major brands of “value” acrylic yarns, and I prefer Brava over all of them.

Brava is definitely my favorite acrylic yarn. I have made afghans, hats, scarfs, and many other projects with this yarn, and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a soft, yet durable acrylic yarn.

Have you ever used Knit Picks Brava? What did you think of it?
Happy Yarning! 🙂

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