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Knit Picks Options Short Interchangeable Foursquare Majestic Circular Knitting Needle Review

In this video, I am sharing my honest opinion of the Knit Picks Options Short Interchangeable Foursquare Majestic Circular Knitting Needle Set.

I love the short Foursquare interchangeable knitting needles just as much as all of my other Knit Picks needles.  Laminated birch is my favorite material for knitting needles.  It has the perfect amount of friction; just enough to keep the stitches from falling off of the needles, yet not so much that it will slow down your knitting.

The cables are flexible, durable, and memory-free, so they do not try to coil up and twist your work.  The different colored layers of the wood showcase beautiful hues of purple, royal blue, black, and teal green.  These particular needles are shorter than regular interchangeable knitting needle tips and come with 16″ cables, perfect for hats of all sizes, baby sweaters, sleeves that are knit in the round, and many other small-circumference projects.  Circular knitting needles are also great for working flat items that are knit back and forth in rows.

The square shape of the needle offers a better grip, and is very comfortable to knit with.  I can knit with my Knit Picks needles for hours without my hands cramping or getting too tired.  They are the perfect needles for me, and I use them all the time for all of my projects.


What’s your favorite type of knitting needle?

Happy Yarning! 🙂

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