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How to Make the Popsicle Tote Bag on your Addi King Knitting Machine

The Popsicle Tote Bag is quick and easy to make, made from four simple rectangles! This extra-large, double-thick bag is great for the beach or for carrying a large knitting or crochet project.

I used Red Heart Super Saver in four different colors to make flat tubes on the Addi King Knitting Machine, then used a trim color yarn to crochet edgings around each, assemble the bag, and crochet the handles.  My finished bag measures 18″ wide by 18″ high.

Yarn Required:
145 Yards of Red Heart Super Saver in Color A
145 Yards of Red Heart Super Saver in Color B
145 Yards of Red Heart Super Saver in Color C
145 Yards of Red Heart Super Saver in Color D
50-60 Yards of Red Heart Super Saver in Trim Color

You will also Need:
Addi King Knitting Machine
Size I (5.5 mm) Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle or Blunt Tapestry Needle
1 1/2 yards of Cotton Clothesline (optional, but recommended)

The fourth color (the pale blue above) can be seen on the other side of the bag, as the rectangles twist around the bag diagonally.

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Where would you carry a bag like this?

Happy Yarning! 🙂

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