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Double Thick Potholder – FREE Crochet Pattern

Double Thick Crochet Potholder / Hot Pad

Free pattern! This easy-to-make crochet potholder is double thick to protect your hands, counters, and table. A pretty, yet practical gift that will last for years. I make these for gifts and people always love them. I like to use cotton yarn because it is insulating and machine washable. Unlike some yarns, cotton will not melt when you put hot pots and pans on it.

In the above photo, the green, blue and cream potholder is made from Spinrite Sugar’n Cream Yarn, Ombres, Emerald Isle.

The white, yellow, blue, and aqua potholder is made from Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Yarn in Sail Away Ombre.

The white potholder with blue, yellow, and lime green flecks is made from Sugar ‘N’ Cream Cotton Yarn in Summer Prints.

See the bottom of this post for a video tutorial of this pattern.

st: stitch
beg: beginning
sts: stitches
ea: each
nxt: next
sl st: slip stitch
sp: space
sk: skip
ch: chain stitch
sc: single crochet

US Size G (4.0 mm or 4.25 mm) crochet hook ( I like this one )
About 165 yds of #4 worsted weight cotton yarn
Yarn Needle
or Blunt Tapestry Needle
Ruler (for measuring gauge)
Stitch marker (I prefer the Locking Type, this is the best deal I’ve found)

Gauge: 18 sc sts = 4″ (10.16 cm) and 19 sc rows = 4″ (10.16 cm). You may need to go up or down a hook size to get the correct gauge. Correct gauge is not crucial to this pattern, but it may affect your yardage.

The finished potholder measures 8″ by 8″ (20.32 cm by 20.32 cm)

The Pattern:
With G hook and worsted weight cotton yarn, ch 35.
free crochet pattern pot holder potholder hot pad
Round 1: sk 1st ch, sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in nxt 32 chs. 4 sc in last ch (see arrow in photo below).instructions pattern phototutorial crochet pot holder Working on opposite side of ch, sc in nxt 32 chs. Tip: crochet over your tail to avoid weaving it in later. free pattern yarn kitchen gift 2 sc in last ch. Place st marker in current loop on hook. You should have 72 sts, including the ch skipped at beg of round.round 1 cooking kitchen pot trivet hot pad pattern

Round 2: Sc in the ch that was skipped at beg of round below (see arrow in photo below).gift present cook bake baking Sc in nxt 71 sts around. Move marker to current loop on hook. You should have 72 sts. free instructions pot holder trivet hot pad gift

Round 3-38: Sc in nxt 72 sts around. Move marker to current loop on hook. You should have 72 sts. housewarming gift kitchen cooking
easy free crochet pattern
thru round 21 yayforyarn yay for yarn crochet
Round 38 free crochet hot pad pattern

The stitch marker will be offset a little. offset stitch marker crochet blue white yellow
Sc in nxt 6 sts, sl st in nxt st. Ch 14, sl st in same st. Tie off, leave at least a 24″ (61 cm) tail.
hanging loop trivet pattern crochet handmade

Decide whether you would like the right side or the wrong side to show on the outside of the potholder. I chose to make the wrong side face out, but here is what my potholder would look like with the right side out.right side out diagonal stripe hot pad
Thread your tail through the eye of your yarn needle. Whip stitch the opening at the top edge of the potholder closed. easy simple potholder loop single crochetwhip stitch opening at the top
Tie off, weave in ends. Block lightly if desired. Free crochet pattern potholder pot holder trivet hot pad

Which color combination is your favorite? Please comment below with your favorite. 🙂


  • M

    I have to tell you how much I LOVE this pattern. I ran out of yarn so I ended up making it a short rectange but it’s GREAT like that too!

    I used a seed stitch to amuse myself and add extra funk. The options are really endless with this. I’m so thankful you shared it! Doing it in the round makes it so much less tedious than making two and sewing together.

    LOVE IT! 🙂

  • Nettie from Indiana

    I like all of them. I have one thing to for you to note. You should notate in your directions for those of us that have never done a double sided potholder in this way before, that the ends are supposed to curl up as you go around them. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right at first because of the curling up. I thought maybe it was printed wrong! So maybe you could add a notation that they are supposed to curl up so everyone knows. I am used to double sided potholders done in two separate pieces and then crocheted together. I would put the notation somewhere in round 2 so people know what to expect. Thanks for this pattern. I figured it out eventually.

    • Nettie from Indiana

      Also, I don’t really feel the need to put a marker for every round. Takes too much time. If you just continue crocheting in the round until potholder measures approximately 8×8 it comes out the same. Once you establish 72 stitches you will always have 72 stitches as long as no increase or decrease is made right? Just sayin.

      • Nettie from Indiana

        And one last thing, these are huge potholders. For anyone wanting a potholder to fit a ladies hand, I would suggest making it in a rectangle shape. (stop at row 28-30) Otherwise if you are giving it to a man than it would be a nice size. Excess potholder would tend to get more food on it if you know what I mean. I also didnt fasten off when I came to the last stitch, I just turned and closed it with a row of single crochet, then chained 8 and sc back down the ch8 connected with a ss to form a loop.

        • Yay for Yarn

          Yes, these are large potholders. I like to put them under large baking dishes or pans to protect my countertops and tables. I also like the extra protection from burning my hands. 🙂 Because these potholders are cotton, I just throw them in the washing machine if they get dirty. Thanks!

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