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Finished September Afghan – 12 Afghans In 12 Months Challenge

My September Afghan is finished! What do you think of it?

Quick and Easy Afghan knit on Addi Express Knitting Machine

This was made on my Addi Express Kingsize Knitting Machine. I made several flat panels and then assembled them with the same techniques that I used in the Windmill Afghan.

This Machine Knit Afghan can be customized to any size you wish.

This Cool Striped Afghan makes a Quick and Easy Gift!

Easy Machine Knit Afghan - Made with self striping Yarn

Quick and Easy project for Addi Kingsize Knitting Machine.  This could be a great last minute baby gift!

Quick and Easy Afghan knit on Addi Express Knitting Machine

Have you ever machine-knit an afghan?
Happy Yarning! 🙂

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