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Double Thick Single Crochet Pot HolderFree crochet pattern potholder pot holder trivet hot pad


Rainbow Ridge Afghan

Rainbow Ridge Afghan Crochet Pattern - Any Size


Corner to Corner Moss Stitch Washcloth


60-Degree Triangle


Basic Hexagon


Knotted Bow Headband


Paid Patterns

Whispering Waves Afghan – Baby Blanket and Throw Blanket Sizes

Finished Whispering Waves Afghan for my 12 Afghans In 12 Months Challenge -


Super Easy Slipper Socks – Fits Ladies Shoe Sizes 4-10—fits-ladies-shoe-sizes-4-10

Super Easy Slipper Sock Crochet Pattern - Fits Ladies Shoe Sizes 4-10 - Also Great for Wide or Narrow feet


Diamond Lace Infinity Scarf Lace Scarf Crochet Pattern

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