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yarnheartHi!  Welcome to YayForYarn.com.  I am a yarn enthusiast and collector.  I learned to crochet and knit at a young age.  After many years of practice and learning,  I now enjoy creating and publishing my own patterns.  I currently offer a selection of crochet patterns for American Girl doll clothes and women’s accessories.  I am looking forward to creating more crochet and knitting patterns in the future.  Hope you will enjoy seeing my projects and pattern ideas!

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  • Gulten Argamak

    Hello! You sound like a very young person. I admire the way you teach. I am so eager to learn Brioche stitch. I love the way it looks; I watched so many videos, tutorials…. For some reason, I get confused at one point and gave up…… A voice inside me says, “if they can do it, you can do it too. You just have to be patient and pay close attention to details… If you repeat it over and over, you will know how to knit Brioche with two colors”
    Well, I watched this video of yours:
    It sounds easier to me. I am 68 years old but learning new ways has no age limit. I feel like, with your help, I will be able to knit Brioche scarf.
    I was born in Turkey, over the years, I ended up living in Arizona. Warm greetings from Arizona.
    Have a wonderful day, beautiful young person. (I don’t know your name.)

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